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divine material

белое золото

If yellow gold has a more traditional appearance and if pink gold illustrates the feminine modern assumed figure, white gold has the particularity to be the most elegant material in the world. The favorite of jewellers since the dawn of time, white gold is the most appreciated material, thanks to its robustness, similar to a divine material. White gold will blend with diamond stone as well as other precious stones such as emerald, ruby or citrine, creating a blazing contrast on your silhouette.

of the bear-shaped jewel

The symbolism

Offer a woman jewel with a bear-shaped setting, is also giving all the symbolism that revolves around the bear totem animal. Indeed, the bear is in many ancestral cultures, a warrior figure, illustrating strength, courage, and connection with Earth. The bear is also synonym of personal and mental healing, as well as general and physical healing. The combination of the divine material represented by yellow gold, with a bear-head-shaped setting and an ultra-resistant brown thread, gives a splendid result, an ode to nature, courage, strength, but also to elegance.