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Наши украшения для тела RedLine на заказ

Наши украшения для тела RedLine на заказ

Body Jewelry

Покройте свою кожу золотом и бриллиантами ... RedLine House предлагает свои лучшие украшения для тела, чтобы зажечь все ваши движения.

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Ankle bracelet

Body jewelry

RedLine presents its collection of Body Jewelry. Whether in sneakers or heels, at the beach or in town, the thread and chain ankle bracelet, symbol of elegance and refinement, is the jewel that adapts to your daily life. With its 0.10 carat diamond, your ankle will definitely be highlighted. An ankle bracelet is also called anklet. RedLine likes to surprise you, that's why the workshop has created its new gold phalenge ring: the Bohemian Pure, a fine 18-carat gold chain that can be slid over your finger to make room for diamonds and a beautiful red thread. Timeless combines classic and modernity, let yourself be captivated by this unique ring. Redline will be present even on your fingertips !

Bijou à 2 usages

Gold waist chain

Are you looking for a jewel with two uses? The fine gold long necklace is also worn as a waist chain! RedLine has designed a thread and long necklace (or chain) called Pure in 0.10 carat diamond in white gold enclosed setting. Both elegant and delicate, this long gold necklace perfectly adorns your neckline or waist. Consisting of a very fine chain in white gold and red thread which made the reputation of our RedLine House, this two-use jewelry is available in a wide choice of color allowing you to be able to personalize it. Wearing the Pure long necklace on a daily basis is a real pleasure due to the brightness of the diamond. Our Maison RedLine also offers the collection necklace, Illusion diamond. It revisits our House's innovative concept. Half thread, half chain, this jewel highlights, at its center, a magnificent optical illusion. And as Voltaire said "Illusion is the first of all pleasures". This is why this shiny diamond will please you and fill you with love on a daily basis. Discover these sublime body jewels in gold (gold ankle bracelet, gold phalenge ring, gold necklace, or gold waist chain) on our Parisian online jewelry store: