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Precious stones on a string

Bracelet string and chain in white gold

RedLine once more steps up the game. The French jewelry house revisits its iconic pieces and imagines a fresher way of innovating its collections once again. The Illusion Double took advantage of RedLine's modern concepts and hosts its half-chain half-string diamond and gold bracelet to the line of Fine Jewelry. An alluring string joins a mesmerizing gold chain to celebrate the prestige set of multiple diamonds clustered and crowned at the center of the bracelet. Make your bracelet outstandingly unique and distinct to your personal taste. Customize and decide your favorite gold color from 4 different gold settings and pick your most-loved string color among 80 string color choices. Grant yourself a jewelry piece that does not look anything alike from the rest of the world. Be original, stay unique, and be proud.

Exceptional shine

Bracelet exclusive

The Illusion Double collection presents 7 multiple precious little 0.05ct diamonds in an 18k gold cluster style setting. Over to those days of uncertainty! RedLine merges into one piece of jewelry a string for casual days, a gold chain for chic days and a set of diamonds for eternal beauty. A jewelry piece that finally matches your day-to-day wear on all occasions. Adjust your bracelet with an 18k gold clasp along with its 3-ring scale to your preference in 3 possible sizing fit: loose, medium, or tight. Available in 4 gold settings and 80 string colors. Mix, match, and experiment until you find the best match for you.