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Feminine essence

Gold bracelet women

RedLine unfailingly provides your look with luxury and style. Indulge yourself in the Mini Pure Duo collection where you'll find an opulent and sumptuous bracelet that will satisfy your most lavish desires. A deluxe string bound with a high-class 0.05ct diamond set in a posh gold chain. A jewelry piece for women that will leave the world speechless with your grandiose style. Achieve that look now by ordering your jewelry collection on our website.

French elegance

Diamond string and gold chain

RedLine always seeks to provide women a fashion ally to add radiance and glow to their beauty. The Mini Pure Duo's half-string half-chain diamond bracelet is just one of the countless iconic jewelry collections. The 18k gold chain, ultra-resistant string and a 0.05ct diamond embody the French jeweler's innovative expertise in the high jewelry making inside their workshop in Paris. Let your custom jewelry piece shine bright accompanied with your feminine spirit.