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String 0.1ct diamond necklace

The Pure collection is an expression of contemporary high jewelry. The diamond on a string necklace holds the image of refinement and excellence to RedLine's creations. Its 0.1ct diamond showcases its rays of rainbow flashes as it catches the light. Keep these stunning million light streaks with you throughout your journey. This jewelry piece is a precious token of remembrance to remind you of your eternal beauty every day.

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Fishing line necklace

RedLine influenced conventional high jewelry making into the modern and contemporary concept through its Pure collection. Indulge yourself into a time-lapse experience from the standard elements into an innovative fashion trend: a classic 0.1ct diamond blends with a typical 18k gold setting entwined together by a voguish sheen string. The French jeweler went beyond traditional practices to express its transcending expertise, excellence, and creative mindset. It's your turn to step into history through your custom string necklace, choose your favorite gold color and pair it with the string color of your choice.