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A legend

0.05 ct diamond bracelet red string

The Mini Pure string bracelet in 18k black gold unveils a dauntless, freewheeling era. The 0.05ct diamond captures movement and emotions around your wrist as it dances in a play of light, exploding in a thousand rays. Match your look on any trend among 4 gold colors offered by RedLine. Explore our high quality, ultra-resistant strings varying up to a selection of 80 colors until you find the one that suits you best.

Mini Pure

Black gold bezel

The Mini Pure string bracelet collection is designed to express your true self. From the most gentle cheerful spirit to a wildly independent soul, RedLine got you covered. Among 4 gold colors from bezels to clasps and a wide variety of 80 string colors, all it takes now is for you to bring out a unique little jewel into life. RedLine’s Mini Pure collection lets you adjust your bracelet in 3 available sizes, for some days where you feel lazy or days where you feel well put together.