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Uncover the legend behind

0.02 ct diamond on a string

The legendary diamond string bracelet welcomes you to a whole new experience. The Minimaliste bracelet is another jewelry piece to add up to your amazing collection. It's time to spice up your day and step up the game, update your style with a fresh look. Start picking up your favorite color and splash it to the string bracelet. RedLine anticipated every inch of your desires, offering you not only more than 80 string colors to choose from, but also covered all 4 different gold settings. Experiment with colors, mix it with your passion and match it with your aspirations. Our workshop in Paris takes care of the rest to shape your one and only unique Minimaliste diamond string bracelet.

Timeless classic

Fashion accessory

Feminine elegance, refined subtlety, and modern concepts are the hallmarks of RedLine. The clarity and the purity of the 0.02ct diamond set on an 18k gold bezel setting grace your skin with finesse and discretion. Your jewelry piece features an adjustable 18k gold clasp with 3 different fits. Complete your Minimaliste diamond string bracelet with your desired color from a wide range of selections among 4 gold settings and more than 80 string colors.