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Diamond expertise and know-how

Very solid RedLine jewelry pieces

Sophisticated, elegant, and innovative iconic pieces are the incredible highlights of RedLine's creations. Its Pure collection is another exceptional guarantee of an unforgettable experience beyond customizing your jewelry. As the rose gold chain adds a touch of romance and tenderness to your daily life, your half-string half-chain bracelet intensifies your diamond's entire beauty. How about giving you away the full experience and freedom in picking up the elements that cover your overall desires? RedLine offers more than 80 string colors and several choices of gold settings. Create and get the best of you through your bracelet.

For a modern look

String bracelet and rose gold chain

The customizable half-string half-chain adjustable bracelet marks one of RedLine's greatest success. This triumphant jewelry piece features an 18k gold chain and a high-resistant iconic string crowned with a 0.1ct diamond set in gold bezel setting. Choose between 3 different fittings to adjust your bracelet around your wrist with an 18k gold clasp and a 3-ring scale. Our famous jewelry piece covers more than 80 string colors and 4 different gold settings.