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Legendary bracelet

Diamond on string

The timeless, iconic diamond on a string bracelet is an emblematic singular piece of RedLine's creations. The French jeweler's star: the red string, protrudes by its unique look and infallible resistance. The Pure collection showcases a stunning 0.1ct diamond, evoking an inimitable spirit that is embodied by a sophisticated woman. Customize your string bracelet with countless options on our RedLine high jewelry online store.

Diamond link

Fashion bracelet

It's your lucky day today. RedLine listened to your heart's manifestation. The Pure collection offers you a customizable diamond on a string bracelet. A stunning 0.1ct diamond embraced gracefully by an 18k gold setting lies within this bearer of luck. Let your heart speak through a countless choice of string colors and splendid different gold settings. Grant yourself a unique lucky charm that enlightens each of your days to eternity.