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Símbolo de herradura en oro joyas personalizadas para niños

Símbolo de herradura en oro joyas personalizadas para niños

Fer à Cheval

Браслеты RedLine обладают прекрасной маленькой удачей. Чтобы больше повезло вашему малышу, дайте ему подкову на его браслет. Эффект «слишком капустного» гарантирован!

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Golden horseshoe

Horseshoe bracelet

The RedLine jewelry house has designed a horseshoe-shaped piece of jewelry for children. This 0.04-carat white gold and diamond bracelet is available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The horseshoe is one of the oldest symbols of protection! It is positive in nature. It is even said that the horseshoe repels malicious spirits, that it brings good luck and prosperity. This is why Redline was inspired by this symbol to create a unique piece of jewelry. Nature, spirituality and fashion are combined through this horseshoe symbol in gold and diamond. The world is a much better place with creativity and imagination.


Gold and diamond kids jewelry

A piece of jewelry is a gift that is always delightful. Whether for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a birth gift, why not fall for the thread bracelet with a lovely horseshoe in gold and diamond? It is said that the horseshoe is lucky, protective, powerful, it repels bad vibes. With this bracelet as a gift, you will definitely make an impression. This lovery string bracelet is customizable. The color of the thread bracelet is to be chosen from the multitude of Redline threads and the color of the gold is also to be chosen from yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Cute and lovely gift guaranteed.