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Персонализация детской облачной коллекции в золоте и бриллианте - RedLine

Персонализация детской облачной коллекции в золоте и бриллианте - RedLine

Nuage ребенок

Маленькое облачко из золота и бриллиантов, чтобы у вашего ребенка были сладкие сны. RedLine предлагает вам предложить жемчужину счастья яблоку ваших глаз.

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Head in the clouds

Kids gift

Are you looking for a gold baby jewelry? The jewelry house RedLine creates a bracelet collection with a cloud made of gold and diamonds.Thin and colorful, the Nuage Bébé in thread or chain bracelet in white gold and paved with diamonds is also available in yellow gold or white gold. The cloud is the symbol of generosity. On a thread, this small cloud paved with diamonds offers a trendy and refined aspect. Children also have the right to be trendy. The Nuage Bébé thread or chain bracelet will perfectly enhance a bohemian chic look. Our fine jewelry house creates customizable jewelry. Have fun creating a unique bracelet with the thread color of your dreams. With the internet, ordering Redline is easy! The French online store delivers worldwide.

Bijoux pour les plus jeunes

Cloud thread bracelet

Are you looking for a fashionable piece of jewelry for children? Are you a young RedLiners addict? RedLine has worked on the Nuage Bébé jewel for your little angel so that your child follows the trend. Do you want a unique gift that changes from the traditional gold curb chain? The Nuage Bébé chain bracelet in white gold paved with diamonds is the ideal jewel for his birthday or even for his birth gift. This jewel, symbolizing protection and security, will give it strength throughout its growth and its daily life. Determine the jewel that will please your child and consult our RedLine e-shop: